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Marathon, WI 54448
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Marth is an environmentally responsible manufacturer. This dedication to efficiency also applies to Marth Transportation and the way we operate our trucks. We manage logistics and production to maximize load utilization and fuel effectiveness. Our suppliers and customers have the opportunity to ship materials and finished products using our trucks so that they never travel empty.

Marth Transportation Inc. was founded in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Marth Wood Shavings Supply Inc. As such we initially were a private fleet hauling wood shavings to farmers throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Shipping Map

Marth Transportation - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ Pellets

Shipping Legend

  • Red - Daily
  • Blue - Regular
  • White - Periodic
  • Yellow - Seldom

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Marth Transportation
6752 State Highway 107 North
Marathon, WI 54448
(715) 842-9200